About the Editor

David Brooks has an associate’s degree in business at Arizona State University. He began a career in the baking industry and followed the footsteps of his father who owned three bakeries throughout Southern California. In his father’s career he won a World Championship cake decorating contest and produced the Queen Mary cake. It was then that his father Rod Brooks begin to get cake orders from celebrities such as Gene Autry, Kirk Douglas, and even a birthday cake for Ronald Reagan. Not to mention the original Brady Bunch! David managed multiple bakeries throughout his career that spanned 20 years. He continued to pursue education in anatomy and physiology to obtain a degree in Radiology.  This pursuit required two years at Spokane Falls Community College and volunteer work at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane Washington.

David Brooks It was the Hospital that offered the Radiology program. When the time came for his qualification to enroll in the program, a financial struggle ensued to maintain hefty student loans and living expenses. This required him to place his enrollment on hold to go back to the bakery and pay off his debts in which he did. David continued his passionate pursuit of education, and discovered an interest in Marketing & Publishing. He began this career in 2002. David loves writing articles reporting newsworthy events that harbor inspirational and educational video publications.  Thus the reason for the creation of Success Synonym.  From the words of David himself: 


“I believe that many people today are discouraged, and do not have much incentive to get ahead in life. I want to inspire them to take advantage of every opportunity that they have to make themselves better. I have lived the experience, so I know how you feel.  Since I am an American,  I want to see our citizens have jobs, and good jobs! Ones that pay good.  I’m going to categorize certain sections of the website that deal with your particular field of Interest. If it’s not there, let me know about it.  You might find certain articles and videos useful to your goals and interests.  Meanwhile, if you have any inquiries or questions, please feel free to contact me. I am not hard to find!”


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