Survey: Trump Virtually Even with Clinton After Convention

Donald Trump is now virtually even with Hilary Clinton for the White House Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has pulled almost even in spite of Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton’s fast shrinking and narrow lead for the first time since May, based on a Reuters/Ipsos survey this week taken over the course of the Republican National […]

Helping Britain’s UK residents Save Money on Gas

Looking to save money on your Utility charges? British Gas can help British Gas Business supplies both electricity and gas to domestic customers across Britain. With no standing charges, easy to use on-line account management, paperless bill and a variety of energy products including the cheapest online dual fuel and electricity rates of any leading […]

The Man having a Strategy: Mr. Trump’s Major Strategy to Create American Jobs

Here are the five of Mr. Trump’s options for switching the nation around Foreign Interventions Must Require Price-Sharing Strategies to Reduce U.S. Costs and Guarantee Veterans and Their Families Are Protected  “Cash is itself a weapon, ” writes Trump. Before America spends trillions of dollars fighting other nations’ conflicts, Trump says the U.S. should implement cost-sharing […]

Walmart and Target Stock Trading News

Discover the stark contrast between the two There is considerable excitement on the discount front. Both Walmart and Target reported positive first quarter 2016 results, but divergent outlooks. Target is signaling a disappointing second quarter while Walmart is expecting positive figures. In addition, Walmart’s food business is showing positive growth, while Target has just repositioned […]