2017 Tax Cut Overhaul and Donald Trump’s Plan to rally his base

Tax Cut Overhaul  plans for 2017 and what you can do to support it’s approval

We have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to overhaul the tax code and end the rigged economy that benefits the wealthy and special interest groups.

Donald Trump is personally calling on you to show your support.

If you support Pro-American Tax Cuts:


This is not just ‘tax cuts’ – it is much more than that.

This is about hardworking patriots like you keeping more of your hard-earned money in your pockets, and it’s about the REAL CHANGEAmericans deserve.

Our plan focuses on…

  • Tax relief for middle-class families and small businesses
  • Simple “postcard” filing for the majority of Americans
  • Ending incentives to ship jobs, capital, and tax revenue overseas
  • Closing special interest loopholes for a fairer, broader system

The time is now.

The current tax system is rigged against the middle-class. It’s time for AMERICANS, not special interests, to get relief.

President Trump’s plan will reduce our tax rates, bring back the trillions in wealth lost overseas, and put more money in the pockets of hardworking Americans.

Demand Congress pass our Pro-Growth, Pro-Jobs, Pro-Worker, and Pro-American tax cuts.

To show your support, please add your name to support Pro-American Tax Cuts today.    

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